The PhotoStick Mobile Review 2019: is it Worth the Cost?


Before knowing more about PhotoStick mobile, I’d like to show you a video I found while researching on the this device. I’d recommend to watch and then decide:

Ever found it frustrating to find all of your photos, selfies or screenshots and print them off?

There a lot of ways to get photos off of your phone. Each comes with a problem. Sometimes we don’t have time to copy pictures, sometimes a lot of hustles are involved in connection. The fact is we spend more time “dealing with” the photos than actually enjoying the memories they hold.

What is a Photo stick Mobile

The PhotoStick Mobile is a simple device that stores all of your videos and photos.

This is like a USB thumb drive for your smartphone. It is very simple to use, just plug it in and rest it will do itself. You’re good to go.

It can hold up to 60,000 photos and videos. That’s a crazy amount. Even my most photo-crazy friend doesn’t take that many pictures. Imagine how much space you can free up on your phone by transferring your photos and videos over.

ThePhotoStick Mobile was even featured in  Chicago Business Journal, MarketWatch, San Francisco Business Times, ADVFN and Wall Street Select. It has been hailed as the best flash drive for iPhone and Android and we wanted to see how it truly fares.

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Storage Device and Digital Organizer in One

This is a small USB flash drive that backs up your photos and videos with just one click. Using the free PhotoStick App, simply plug it in your phone, click go, and give it a few minutes to do its magic. 

Apple users might be familiar with the hassle of finding the perfect iOS flash drive for iPhone and iPad. But ThePhotoStick Mobile is compatible with both iOS and Android so there’s no need to look for other alternatives anymore.

Features Of Photostick Mobile

ThePhotoStick Mobile is a small device that instantly backs up your priceless memories WITHOUT the frustration of searching and organizing them yourself!

  • Easy To Use – Custom designed file-backup App is easy to understand regardless of your smartphone knowledge!
  • Works on Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch – Simply plug ThePhotoStick Mobile into your device to get started!
  • Easily Transfer To Your Computer – Keep your files stored on ThePhotoStick Mobile or easily plug it into a USB port to transfer everything to your computer!

How do photo sticks work?

The PhotoStick Mobile can hold up to 60,000 photos and videos. This device is very easy to use. It plugs directly into your phone, so you can transfer your photos and videos without having to plug it into a computer. You can leave your photos on the stick, or you can plug into your PC or Mac and transfer the photos over.

“It looks like an ordinary USB drive. What makes it so efficient?”

On the outside, ThePhotoStick Mobile looks like another USB OTG. But don’t judge it quickly because although it looks just like a plain flash drive, it’s actually powered by a sophisticated software inside. ThePhotoStick Mobile uses a software that allows you to quickly search, store, and organize all of your photos and videos.

“Is it expensive?”

As per market comparisons and users’ response, it’s worth spending money on convenient functionality . The lowest-priced PhotoStick Mobile with an 32GB iPhone capacity costs only $59 with our coupon on the regular price of 99$. Prices vary depending on the memory capacity and the quantity that you want. If you buy a 2-pack or a 3-pack, you’ll get to save more.

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The PhotoStick Mobile is a very useful device for photo lover. If you capture tons of images and find it difficult to manage all on your phone, this device is strongly recommended.
It not only saves space on phone but also preserve your memories in an organises manner.

Join over 1 million people who have used the it to back-up, find, and organize their digital photo and video collection from their phones!

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