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In this century we have advanced technologies making our lives easier. We are getting smarter and so are our devices. From having power hungry devices to smart and power efficient chips, we have come a long way. Our main concern today is electricity, be it production or bill.

The time of smart bulbs are here. Smart homes have become the thing of the century and we all aspire to have IOT based devices which make our lives easier. Smart fridge, smart TVs, smart washing machine, smart air conditioner and now we have smart light bulbs. We’ve already taken a big step forward in that aspect. This smart bulb has revolutionized the way modern home interior lighting should feel like. Just imagine controlling your light bulb via voice command using Alexa or Google Assistant while doing your work, reading or while going to sleep.

And so we are here with the review of most useful Lightening device today

Eco-friendly, Cost Effective

Traditional light bulbs are power thirsty which shoot up your electricity bill. As compared to the traditional bulbs, smart LED light bulbs consumes very less energy while emitting similar intensity light. This saves a lot of money while saving on energy consumption.

Compatible with Android and iOS, Controlled via voice assistant

LuxSmart24 Smart Light Bulb

This light bulb is a real relief for smartphone users. It can be connected via WiFi to your Smartphone or Amazon Alexa & Google Home Assistant. Just imagine controlling your light bulb via voice command using Alexa or Google Assistant while doing your work, reading or while going to sleep. Ever wanted to change light color of your room, Just ask alexa or assistant.

Features controlled by smart app

LuxSmart24 light bulb is not any dull boring daily life LED bulb which emits monotonous light. It has 16 million color combinations that can be scheduled and controlled from your phone to set the scene. Want reading ambience, set it; dinner mood, set it; party mood, color it. Exciting feature ? You can buy it from users recommended store below.

Works With Your Existing Lamp, Durable

Compared to any traditional or plain LED light bulb, it comes with a stunning 14 years Lifetime. Simple Exchange your existing old bulb, Fits into you Favorite Lamp. It fits in your daily lamp.


The stylish LuxSmart24 Bulb has more than 20 pre-programmed modes for each bulb.

  • Party Mode – This mode is great for party lovers, so if you need the right lighting to get your party started, you just have to get LuxSmart24.
  • Music Sync Mode – Ever wanted to change light color of your room according to your music? This smart bulb comes with Music Sync mode which automatically sync light to the rhythmic beats of your music to provide a dynamic light show.
  • Smart Group Mode – Need to control all the lights in the same room, no worry. Smart group mode helps to control a group collection of bulbs together, allowing them to do the same thing at the same time. Quite fascinating feature added by LuxSmart24 smart light bulb manufacturers.
  • Timer Mode – This mode allows you to set on and off time for light bulb which comes handy for automating according to your sleeping pattern. Even if you forget switching off the light, it will automatically be turned off on specified time.


  • Easy to set up
  • Integration with other services like Alexa and google home.
  • Offers streamlined app experience
  • Can be easily automated using timer.
  • Large range of add-on lights.
  • Temperature changing and color light bulbs.
  • Available Discount –


  • The remote control range can be hindering sometimes. App control comes handy in the situation.

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