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How to Turn off Predictions in Excel, Word & PowerPoint | Can Activate Also

Get Information related to Microsoft office tutorials here about an easy way to turn off the Autocorrect feature in Ms.Excel, Ms.Word and Ms.PowerPoint. Read all in full here!

Microsoft office document applications are almost never separated in our daily lives today, be it Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Almost everyone for typing media uses Office, besides being easy, all the features available are also many and typing is easy.

Of the many features, there is one feature that will usually be automatically activated without the need for the user to activate it manually before it can be used. One of these features is AutoCorrect.

What is AutoCorrect?

AutoCorrect can be interpreted as AutoCorrect. So, this feature exists and is one of the capabilities of a word processing application that is able to correct if there is a word error in spelling typing and replace it with the correct word.

This AutoCorrect feature is usually often found in today's sophisticated smartphone devices, but who would have thought that in word processing applications such as Ms.word, Ms.excel and Ms.powerpoint, this feature has also existed for a long time.

With this feature, users don't have to worry about typing a typo anymore. Just keep on typing. the feature will automatically correct according to the correct spelling.

Disadvantages of AutoCorrect

In addition to having many benefits, it turns out that if this feature is not set or properly set, it also has weaknesses. This weakness can occur at certain times, while the weaknesses of this feature are as follows:

Correction of words that appear are usually predictable in English. For example, the correct writing of Computer in Indonesian is starting with the letter "K" while in English it is the letter "C", Well, usually almost all Computer writings will be corrected as Computer. While what we want to write is a computer, of course it will be difficult especially if the sentence has a large number.

How to Disable the AutoCorrect Feature in Office?

Regarding the problem of deficiencies described above, of course it will slow down the work, this feature should have the function of making work easier but on the contrary.

For users who are confused about turning off the prediction feature, here the admin has prepared a trick and tutorial to solve this problem. So the admin will explain how to turn off the feature and the feature will not be active and interfere with typing.

Here's how to turn off predictions in Office:

  1. Open the Office Word, Excel or Powerpoint application
  2. Click the File menu located in the upper left corner
  3. Then select and click the Options menu
  4. Then look for the Proofing menu then click
  5. Next look for AutoCorrect Options then click
  6. In the AutoCorrect section, look for the Replace Text As You Type checkbox and then remove the check mark
  7. After the check is removed, please click OK to save the command.

Done, now the prediction feature is deactivated and you can type normally again.

The method described above also applies to several variants of Microsoft Office, be it Office 2007, 2010 and others.

If the reader wants to activate the auto-correction feature in office again, the method is the same if you uncheck the Replace text as you type section to disable it, then to activate it just by ticking again.

That's information about how to turn off Prediction in Excel, Word & PowerPoint, I hope this article can be useful and help all readers. Thank you and good luck!

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