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Miracast Dotted ? This is the cause and how to fix it | Read Here

Welcome to this blog, and thanks for visiting. Get Information About Causes and Solutions for Miracast Intermittent Problems Here!

Are you currently looking for information about a problem that occurs in an application or device related to Miracast?

Here, will discuss a problem that may often occur and be experienced by Miracast users, namely the problem of connecting Miracast from a smartphone to a Television/TV that often breaks.

Please see the post article below until it's finished.

Have you ever heard the term Miracast?

Miracast is a Miracast Wifi Display Application that will help you cast your android device screen to a TV screen with a Wireless display device such as a Smart TV or Wireless display adapter.

App runs perfectly on devices which have fairly latest specs, some devices don't support cast screen and maybe this app doesn't work, app only supports android from 4.2 and above.

One of the HP applications that can be used to connect a cellphone to a TV is Miracast, this application can really connect a connection from a cellphone to a TV, its use is also simple, you simply activate the TV's wifi feature so that it can be detected in the Miracast application.

Cause Miracast often stutters?

For this problem, it is likely that almost the average user experiences it due to various factors and causes.

Check out the following causes of Miracast often break up :

  1. The heat of the device used to connect from smartphone to TV (Dongle)
  2. Smartphone specifications that are not so qualified.
  3. A liaison application that doesn't really support smartphones
  4. Connecting dongle device is not good
  5. and many other unknown causes.

For some problems may still be overcome, and can be fixed yourself. Problems like this usually often occur on devices that do not have the Projection feature or support the Multi-Screen Interaction Miracast feature. If the device supports the projection feature, of course, there is almost no problem at all.

How to solve Miracast intermittent?

As explained above, the cause of Miracast breaking up has many problems and there may be some that can still be overcome.

Check out the following tutorial for overcoming intermittent Miracast:

1. A hot device (Dongle) can be overcome by limiting the duration of use. Excessive use can cause disconnection.

2. A hot device (Dongle) can be overcome by Installing a cooler on the device. For example, use in an air-conditioned room or keep the device close to a fan.

3. Try using or connecting Miracast with another smartphone, if there is no problem with another smartphone, it means that the smartphone that was used before is not very capable and if you change the smartphone, it means that the problem occurs with the Dongle device or application.

4. If none of the solutions above work, try changing the application that you use to connect from your smartphone to the TV. There are many connecting applications from cellphones to TVs that you can find on Playstore and other Appstores.

Maybe that's all the information that Admin can provide, hopefully it will be useful and can help. Thank you for coming and visiting here, hopefully it can help.

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