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How to find out the type of writing font easily, Read more

Knowing the Font Type: Maybe you've been browsing, and by chance came across an interesting font. Then how can you find out the type of font?

Fonts or letters with attractive designs that usually appear on the appearance of websites or blogs, will indirectly make people who see them become interested. Might even want to use it too. But before you use it, of course you have to know the type of font, right? Then how to recognize it?

As you know, these types of fonts consist of hundreds of fonts. Impossible, right, if you have to check the fonts one by one? Therefore, in this discussion, we will give the easiest way to recognize this font. Want to know how? Come on, see the reviews!

The 5 Easiest Ways to Know the Font Type

For those of you who work as graphic designers, maybe you are already familiar with these various types of fonts. Maybe even, you already know how to recognize this font.

But what about you, who incidentally are new to this type of font? Don't worry, you can do the easiest way below. Among them:

1. Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is one of the software (software) produced by Adobe. This type of software is commonly used to edit images/photos, effects, and even modify fonts.

To find out what type of font is used in a website/blog, you can also use this graphic designer's favorite software. The way is with the following steps.

  1. Save the font logo you want to search for in the PC file manager or on your Android storage
  2. Open the Photoshop application. If you haven't installed it, you can download it first on Google PlayStore or App Store
  3. After you open this application, you can directly search for the file menu. Then click the menu
  4. Continue by clicking on the open option
  5. Search for the logo font that you have saved before. Then find and click the menu type
  6. The next step is to scroll down your PC/android screen/monitor. Until you find the match font option
  7. Click on the option
  8. Wait for a while, until your monitor/PC/android screen will display the type of font that matches what you are looking for.

2. Squirrel Font Fonts

In addition to Photoshop, you can also rely on several applications and websites that are intended to modify, even know some types of fonts on websites/blogs. One of them is the site Font Squirrel.

To find out the font type by using this site, you can do the steps as below. Among them:

  1. Save the image containing the font you want to know the type
  2. Go to the Font Squire site at https://www.fontsquirrel.com/matcherator
  3. On the main page of this site, you will see several menus located at the top of the page. You can select the font identifier menu. Then click the menu
  4. Next, click the upload image column. Then select the font image that you saved earlier
  5. Click OK option
  6. If the image has been uploaded, you can crop it, to get the font you want to know the type of
  7. Then, if you feel the font is right, you can continue by clicking on the match rate menu
  8. Wait a few moments, until the type of font you are looking for appears, on the android screen or on your PC monitor

3. What The Font

Same is the case with the Font Squirrel site. To use What The Font too, you are required to visit the site directly. So of course, you will need an internet connection. Even so, the way to find out different types of fonts with the What The Font site is fairly easy.

You only need to save an image that contains a font. Then upload the image in a special column, which is on the site. But to crop this font, you don't need to do it manually. Because this process will be done automatically.

You just need to click the blue arrow, to continue the next process. Then, the type of font that matches what you are looking for will be displayed on your android.PC cellphone screen/monitor. Uniquely, you can not only search for the type of font, but also can find out what the license price range of the font is.

4. What Font Is

Another site that you can use to detect font types is What Font Is. You can visit this site at http://what.font.is.com/ page. The method is more or less the same as other sites. Among them:

  1. After logging into the What Font Is site, you can directly upload a font image in the provided column
  2. You don't need to crop, because this process will be done automatically by the app
  3. You just need to click on the next step option
  4. You can adjust the font image, if you feel the image is not very clear. The way is by setting the contrast, brightness, and rotation options
  5. If the picture is clear enough, you can continue by clicking the next step option again
  6. Enter the font character that matches the image. Continue by clicking on the next step option once again
  7. Wait until the type of font you are looking for appears. Then you have successfully done the search for font types with the What Font Is site

5. Face Ninja Fonts

Font Face Ninja is an extension / additional application provided by Google Chrome. It's just that, if you use this application, you need to visit one of the websites, where you find the font you want to find the type.

The steps you can take in using this application include:

  1. Install Font Face Ninja app on Google Chrome
  2. Then click the add to chrome menu
  3. Wait a few moments until the green Face Ninja Font icon appears, which indicates the installation process was successful
  4. Next, you can visit a website that has a unique font, which you want to know the type of
  5. Continue by clicking on the Font Face Ninja icon. Then hover over the font on the website
  6. Only after a while, on the screen of your android phone or PC/laptop monitor will appear the type of font, up to its size

Those are the 5 ways you can do to find out the type of font that you found on one of the previous websites/sites. You just have to choose one of the 5 ways, which you feel is the easiest to do. Good luck!

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